Who we are and what we do ?

The Footyzone is a website about the world of sports betting. It is designed for anybody who is interested in making money with betting By visiting this page, you will have access to daily tips, betting school and big winners section where you can find some self motivation. Betting school is perfect for people who are completely new to the world of sports bets. But it also provides a variety of suggestions for more experienced punters. By signing up for free, you will also gain access to premium tips with more detailed analysis.

I am a professional sports gambler with nearly 10 years of experience. During this time I have laughed, yelled, been the happiest man in the world and also the most depressed (slight exaggeration) but for the past 2 years, I have been doing this without the need of a nine to five job. Sports “gambling” has given me the freedom to travel, drive fancy cars and basically do whatever I want to do. Stick around, and you will start turning a regular profit too.