There are many different factors to take into consideration when placing your bets. More and more sites emerge with all kinds of football statistics, which make analysing information easier. The main things to focus on are listed below.
1. Team Form:

Analysing the form and recent performances of the team is always important. If a team has lost 5 matches in a row or is struggling to score goals then you should consider that as a signal to perhaps not bet on them. If available, read the recent match reports to see if the team was unlucky because of opposition goalkeeper having a great day etc. As you can see in the image below, home team Dortmund has won just 2 games out of the last 10, so I would not feel confident about putting my money on them.

2. Home and Away Records:

Check for home and away statistics. Some teams play better at home ground, some play better away. More specifically you can research about the weather, for example nobody wants to go to Russia during the winter. They have artificial pitches and below zero temperatures so that would give them an advantage.

3. Head-to-head:

Check the history between the two clubs because in football, sometimes certain teams just have awful records agains other particular teams. Or 1 team is known to be defensive against that opponent, leading to low scoring matches.

4. Team news:

Always check for injuries and suspensions. Which players are missing and how important they are. Check the records of the players who are replacing the injured players. For example, if 3 defenders are injured and 1 suspended, there might be a 17 year academy kid playing in central defence which gives an advantage to the other team. From the image I can see that the home team is missing 2 key defenders, Ghoulam and Koulibaly. If you do not know the players, google them. This is a very important part of analysing information.

5. Motivation:

Very important in my opinion. Check how important it is for a team to win the match. Do they really need points, are they interested in the domestic cup and so on. For example, if 1 team is fighting for Champions League qualification and other is mid table with nothing to play for, then 1 team will surely give their absolute all in order to win the match.

6. Schedule:
Check whether the team has had a tight schedule and if they could possibly be tired. Whether the last game they played demoralizing or if the next game they are going to play is more important than the current one. This could lead to rotation and resting key players.

7. Goals, goals goals:

One of my favourite things to bet on is goals in matches, especially asian line goals (which can give you a refund). Check the amount of goals both teams have scored and conceded in the past 10 games and how many goals have they scored against each other.


There are many different things to look for when analysing information and placing your bets. Of course you do not need to look at all of them. You can decide what you want to bet on and based on statistics, make your choice. For example you have Juventus v Barcelona and you are thinking hmm, how many goals will there be. You look at stats and decide to bet on over or under 3 goals. Pay attention and be thorough, but do not over complicate and over analyse things.

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