1.0 Intro

Usually betting sites offer hundreds of different bet types. As you can see from the image below, there are 189 different bets for the Arsenal v Tottenham match and a 172 for the Bournemouth match. Most of those bets are losers, but it is up to you (and me) to pick the winners and get that money.

In today’s lesson I will go through most of the options available.

2.0 Winners

2.1 Head To Head Betting

The easiest form of betting. Pick which team is going to win, or go for a draw.  For example, you choose to bet 20 euros on Arsenal to win. Odds are 2.50,  so your winnings are 50 euros (30 euros straight profit). On the same image you see a Double Chance option. This is  safer than picking a straight winner, because you will win money if Arsenal wins, or draws – hence double chance. However, you will also see that the odds are smaller, because the probability of winning is bigger.

Draw no bet (DNB) – Similar to Double Chance, but in this case, if the game ends in a draw, you get your stake back (no profit).If you compare the images,, you see that DNB odds are higher than Double Chance, but lower than straight win. Pick your moments, this could be a very good option sometimes when you are not feeling 100% confident of a win and the odds on draw no bet look good.

2.2 Over/Under Betting

Over and under betting can be used in several different ways. Most common is betting on over or under a certain amount of goals (See image below). Say you bet 20 euros on over 2,5 goals. This means that you will win your bet if at least 3 goals are scored in a match. 2-1, 0-3, 2-2, 5-1 are all winners.

In addition you can predict over or under certain amount of corners, cards, certain player goals and some sites even offer shots, offsides, possession percentage etc.

2.3 3-Way Handicap Bet types

Handicap betting might be a bit confusing bet type for newcomers. But if you read through these next 2 paragraphs, then you will understand perfectly.  Let’s take Starts 2-0 (-2 handicap) for Arsenal. And lets say we bet on Tottenham (odds 13.00). So in order to win the bet, we need Tottenham to win the match by 3 goals (3-0, 4-1 etc). If they win by 2 goals, then that is a draw, which means that the bet is lost, because the game starts with 2-0 lead for Arsenal. Understand? Yes – stop reading. No – 1 more example.

Lets say we choose Starts 1-0 and bet on Arsenal (1.37 odds). The bookies give Arsenal an imaginative 1-0 lead, so if the actual game finishes in a draw, then thanks to the 1-0 handicap, it means that the bet is won. Bet is also won if Arsenal actually win the match. In case Tottenham wins 1-0, 2-0 or whatever score, then the bet is lost.

2.4 Asian Handicap Betting

One of my favourite bet types. Like the Draw no bet option, asian handicap also provides you a chance to get your stake back if the results do not go your way. Let’s place a bet on Arsenal -1. With this bet, the bookies give Tottenham an imaginative 1-0 lead before kick off. Just like 3-way handicap. The difference between 3-way and Asian is that a 1-goal Arsenal win would mean a loss with 3-way handicap, but with the Asian handicap, a goal win means a refund. A 2-goal win is a winner with both bet types :).

So why would anyone ever use 3-way handicap if Asian lowers your chances of losing? Answer is: 3-way offers better odds. But most of the time, I prefer and recommend Asian lines.

2.5 Self explanatory bet types

Some bets are written in an obvious manner by the bookies (see below). These are all well explained and don’t need any more specifications. If you are looking for great odds and feeling lucky, then you can bet on correct score. Always difficult to predict, but if you get it right, then boom boom boom.

2.6 Accumulator / Parlays / Combos

Call it what you want, landing massive “accas” is every punters dream. The reality however is, that if you want to keep a nice and steady income, then you need to stay clear of accumulators. Yes, they are fun, but more often than not, they will fail. All it takes is one team, one goal, to let the whole accumulator down.

This doesn’t mean that you should never place any accas, but main focus should remain on singles and occasional doubles. I actually like doubles because usually there are a lot of matches during the weekend and you can definitely find 2 teams who you trust to put your money on and bring home the bacon.

2.7 In Play Betting

In-play betting is another great option to make money. In play betting means placing live bets, while the match is being played. It will have mostly the same betting options as pre-match, but depending on the score and statistics of the game, the odds will move up and down. On the right you see a live ticker with all the stats and actions happening. But keep in mind, this info can sometimes come with a 1-5 second delay, so if you want to take maximum advantage of live betting, then your best bet is being at the stadium. But of course your location is not a deal breaker, you can still make a lot of money in-play betting if you know how to analyse the information. I will talk about that in the next topic. Click here to go there now.

3.0 Conclusion

To sum up, there are many different bet types. Over time you will develop your own preferences and bet types to avoid. By following The Footyzone, you will receive daily tips on what and why to bet but of course you can place bets with your own head as well. I hope this information helps you in your adventures. Yes, betting can be fun, but the main objective is always  to make money.

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