1.0 Intro

Why do we love sports betting? It’s simple, fun, and it gives us an opportunity to make some money! . You see, as simple as sports betting is, it’s not exactly easy to get everything right when you’re just starting out. Approaching things in the wrong way can lead to a quick loss of money. This article covers the best tips for successful betting. There’s plenty to learn whether you are a complete beginner or whether you just need a little refresher.

2.0 Betting tips

1. Research

One of the most important tips for successful betting. Study the teams, learn their strengths and weaknesses, know their home and away records, and evaluate them objectively. Pay attention to injuries, suspensions, how many goals they score, concede etc. In addition, you can analyse their fixture list, travelling distance and many other factors that can affect performances. Of course I do not mean spending hours researching every stat that you can find, but always be up to date with the basics.

2. Don’t chase your losses

Everybody will experience losing streaks. It is important not to get angry and start chasing your losses by betting more money. Instead, examine your betting methods and reduce your betting amounts until you start winning again. Remember – chasing your losses is probably the biggest mistake a punter can make. Once you start winning again, increase your bets slightly, but do not go all out. Unfortunately, like losing streaks, winning streaks also come to an end.

3. Do not get over confident

An opposite of a losing streak is a winning streak. Yes please, right?. There will be days when everything is going your way. Like losing streaks, it is important not to get carried away. It’s easy to become overconfident, and start thinking that you’re a betting genius. One big bet could turn in to a loss and you are right back where you started.

4. Bet with your head, not your heart

Make an honest assessment of a team’s chances, not one based on emotions. Don’t bet on a team simply because it’s your favorite without considering the real odds. Be selective and remember that you will only find value betting situations in a small number of games. Betting the entire Premier League fixture list every week is a risky proposition at best.

5. Keep track records of your bets.

Also one of the most important tips for successful betting, because without any records it’s hard to keep track of how much is being spent. In addition,  keeping records enables you to study your bets and look for ways to improve. This is vital when the long-term aim is to make a profit. Most important information you should have is: bet selection, odds, stake size, result, winnings. Attached is an image of my table that i fill regularly.

6. Use bonuses and free bets.

Many betting sites offer big bonuses for new members. For example double your initial deposit up to 100 euros etc. Of course they all come with a catch that you have to stake that amount a certain times with certain odds. But you can still take advantage of these offers. Furthermore, most sites occasionally offer free bets and campaigns too. So just keep an eye out.

7. Compare Odds & Lines 

More experienced “gamblers” have accounts with multiple bookies. That is because bookmakers and betting sites don’t all offer exactly the same odds and lines. By doing your research, you can make sure that you get the best possible deal for every bet you place. The differences in the odds and lines are usually quite small, but they add up over time. There are several different websites that offer odds comparisons.

8. Trust your judgement

Very important! There are lots of “experts” in the media who love to give their opinions about how good certain teams or players are, and make predictions about how events are likely to go. There’s nothing wrong with taking on board the opinions of others, but try not to be too easily swayed by them. It’s important to put faith in your own judgement above all else. This also means that if you have zero faith in some of my tips, then trust yourself. I also pick losers from time to time.

9. Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different bet types. Some people are excellent at predicting corners. Some are excellent at predicting cards, draws or whatever else. Experiment, and keep your betting scope open. Sometimes you might find excellent odds at pretty random, likely to win bets.

10. Take breaks

Last but not least, take breaks. Sports betting should always be fun to some extent, even if your ultimate goal is to make money. Avoid sports betting becoming more of a chore than a choice by taking regular breaks. This will help to keep it enjoyable, and coming back with fresh perspective can help with making good decisions too.

3.0 Conclusion

These are my top ten tips for successful betting. To sum up, research, trust yourself and remain calm at all times when betting. Of course you can celebrate when you win, but keep a clear mind for your next bet. 


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